2024 Downsizing companies can save thousands on SUTA tax avoidance with little effort on your part and with a no risk limited guarantee. By far, your most expensive option is doing nothing.

If you are downsizing 10 Employees you can save up to $40,000 and $409,000 on 100 employees. $4.1 M potential savings on 1,000 employees. (*) Ask us how. We do the heavy lifting.

The Objective | If a percentage of your displaced employees get a job as a customer Service job, or any of the 170 ranked jobs, or any job before their employment runs out, you win and save money in SUTA tax liability.

  • They win because they are making more money than on unemployment.
  • And the state wins by saving their unemployment insurance budget.

Everyone wins at no net cost to anyone – with a guarantee.

The Problem We Help Fix.

Companies are facing re-paying thousands of dollars in SUTA (State Unemployment Tax) liability of $4,200 per each employee. They want to reduce that amount. But how?

No one wants to repay this tax if they can avoid it legally and ethically.  Saving your organization a higher percentage of this tax liability is our value to you.

Using  North Carolina as the example, (*) If you company lays off an employee and they get and take the full $350 per week for 12 weeks, that’s $4,200 that you have to repay the State of North Carolina.

  • If you lay off ten employees and they take the full $4,200, then your NC SUTA tax liability is $42,000.
  • At 100 employees, your SUTA tax liability is $420,000
  • At 1,000 employees, your SUTA tax liability is $4,200,000.
  • We can work with any state and all states at the same time. However, each state has significantly different unemployment rules, algorithms, and policies. We are using North Carolina as the example. 
  • We all know some of your workers “may” take all of their $350 for 12 weeks. Our job is to move the needle with value, effort, and convenience to help more of them get a full-time, transitional job, or part-time jobs before the 12 weeks run out to save your organization many thousands of dollars. 
  • The most expensive thing you can do is nothing. We make it easy and there is a guarentee that if you don’t save enough to pay for our fee, we refund you the difference. No risk.

The Solution with a Limited “no financial risk” Guarantee

  • Our secret sauce helps your displaced employees find full-time or part-time jobs faster that pay more than unemployment. The faster more of your displaced workers get a job before their 12 weeks runs out, the more money you save. That is our value to you.
  • You care about your Unemployment tax cost and we care about your Unemployment tax liability. In this downsizing process, no one else does. Let us help your firm save many thousands of dollars in tax avoidance, help your employees get a next job faster paying more then unemployment, and have a best case public relations narrative all at no net cost to your or your displaced employees.
  • Our Limited Guarantee. We save you more than our fee or we refund you the difference – so you have no risk. In other words, our effective service has no-net-cost-guaranteed.
  • Plus, we manage the process, get them started with the program, send them their certificates, send the them area job leads, do the Zoom meetings, send out encouraging emails, and send them the updated lists of 170 job titles ranked by the most posted job titles and job categories to give them clarity to help them get started, and a free gamechanger tee shirt as a carrot after they start their job. They get the tee shirt just after your liability stops.
  • You can do other programs at the same time. Yes and its recommended. Our service has no net cost, so why not use other agencies or nonprofits to help. (NC Works, community colleges, and other nonprofits). What makes us different is that we are focused on helping you stop your organization’s SUTA liability weekly clock. Most other agencies are just focused on your former employees, so they don’t have the same since of urgency that you and I have. You don’t care what job they get as long as your SUTA liability stops.
  • Which jobs are hot and which jobs are not! We train them for a full-time or part time job which is the most posted job in the US from 2019 to 1/5/24 which increases their chance of getting hired faster to increase their chance of getting a job faster and your chance of stopping your liability faster.
  • A community college may take weeks to train them. However, each week you are losing thousands in unemployment “repayments.” If they take all 12 weeks of unemployment payments then you are on the hook for the full amount, your don’t save ANY money. You lose big and must repay the state for the full amount. (*)
  • We will train them an inbound Customer Service Representative (the most advertised job in 2021 – 2024).
  • They get a Customer Service Representative, training, the certificate, and job leads. Or they can get any of our 170 job titles ranked by job availability as of 1/5/24 and with ten years of historical data. We have been tracking this data since 2011 and will share it with you.
  • This gives them more information and training with a certificate to decide faster. The week they start a new job, your SUTA tax liability stops for that former employee. (*)
  • We help them get more hired sooner, so you save more money. Which is everyone’s goal and everyone wins.
How to Save on FICA tax

Your Limited Guarentee

We help you pay less in SUTA taxes or we refund the difference. Using data from your state(s) Department of Unemployment, We guarantee that you save more in future unemployment re-payments, than you paid for your initial order, or we will fund you the difference and add $1. Therefore, this program has no risk to your organization and is guaranteed to be profitable.

How to Get Started

Email [email protected] or call 704-408-8050 to schedule a Zoom or phone call. We both want to make sure this is a fit. Many companies want to have a NDA in place before we talk. You can review my NDA (see the tab in the menu), or I can sign yours.

Non Disclosure Agreement for Customer Service Gurus

When to Start – Best Case

You will have a better chance of saving more money if we roll our program out as you are announcing your downsizing.  You can say, “We are forced to take this action, but we are offering our displaced employees training in the most advertised job category paid for by the company.” You will want to have my emails with their course credentials going out to the displaced employees that same day.

reduce your tax liability when downsizing

Can we also use other nonprofit and for-profit programs at the same time?

Absolutely, Yes. And is recommended. Since our program is guaranteed not to have a net cost, you can use other nonprofit, community college, and charitable programs in addition to our program. Ours is the best, fastest, and most comprehensive program to save you more money, however, other programs can bring results to further save you money on SUTA taxes. With our guarantee, it makes since to do our program and others.

inbound customer service representative jobs

What do we and our displaced employees get?

Once your company is signed up and the order has been processed, Your displaced employees will get the following:

1. A welcome email with the instructions to register for their “prepaid” course. And they will get the actionalble “Which jobs are hot, and which jobs are not” list of 170 job titles ranked by job title. And the % increase or decrese of each job title.

2. They can call start the video course at their own pace. The course takes a day and another day to pass the exam. I can monitor their progress from my dashboard and send them encouraging notes.

3. When they pass the exam, they will get their certificate with their name. Unlimited trys on the 80 question multiple choice exam.

4. As soon as they get their certificate, they will start getting job leads for their area.

5. They will get access to monthly Zoom calls.

6. As their promoted goal, after they start their new full time or part time new job, they get their “Game Changer” tee shirt as their trophy. That is the same time your SUTA Liability ends.

Your company get savings – guaranteed.


game changing business skills

We are busy with our downsizing. What do we need to do on our end?

1. A signed NDA is optional/not required.

2. Start the the pre-paid order.

3. Provide us with the personal email address and cell number of the employees with the prepaid courses. We will also know which state will pay their unemployment to track your guarantee. This information is required for your guarantee.

4. That’s it. We take it from there.

This program also helps with your Public Relations and Your Corporate Image when its needed the most.

All executive are responsibile for managing the brand. Its harder, and the media questions are harder when you have to announce layoffs of your existing workers.  There is REAL and MONTABLE VALUE in being able to say to the media, your current and affected employees, your friends in town, at civic and social events: “We are saddened that we are forced to make the job cuts that will affect our employees. To lessen the blow to our affected employees and their families, we have prepaid for job training in the area with the most current job openings in 2024 to give them the best chance to get on the feet faster. “

Balance between helping your workers and saving money – Now you can do both at the same time an no net cost.

Your balance between saving money and helping your displaced workers

We help your displace worker find new jobs in two ways.

1. We train them to get a full-time job, transition job, or part-time job as an inbound customer service representative. They take the excellent video course, get a certificate, and get job leads.

2. Monthly, we send them a comprehensive list in chart form of 170 job titles in 55 job categories ranked by most jobs posted by job title. Plus, they get historical data so they can see job trends for each job title. This current information helps with the clarity to begin their job search with more confidence. Most importantly to you, it will help some get a job faster to stop your tax liability.

Both are included in your package.

Saving Time and Money

At the same time as helping your displaced workers get jobs faster and for more money than unemployment, we can save your company thousands of dollars in SUTA tax liability unemployment repayments.

You win, they win, and the state wins by paying out less in unemployment budget. 

There is no net cost to your firm since we save you more than you pay us for the program, or we refund you the difference.

"Our program can help you in any state or all states. However, every state's SUI (State Unemployment Insurance Program) is calculated differently."

National Customer Service Course Accreditation

"Customer Service Representative Certificate" is a 6.5 hour video accredited online video course with a certificate, area job leads, and Zoom calls. The author managed CSRs on major accounts for a Fortune 50 company for over 20 years. He knows what makes CSRs good and what makes CSRs great. They will learn what they need to get the job, be more successful than most of their peers on the job, and get promoted faster."

"The CSR job is the #1 most posted job category in the world out of 55 categories from 2019 to 1/5/24. See our charts tab as proof. We have been tracking this date since 2011. With our worksheets, you will nail your interviews. It will not even be fair! "

" You will learn how to manage your manager, many CSR terms you will be expected to already know before you start, and hundreds to business insider tips that will help you the rest of your career. "

Outcomes and Transformation

You will feel good that you have done the right thing for your former workers AND your company saved money.

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National Customer Service Course Accreditation

(*) As the State Unemployment Agency will correctly tell you, their algorithm has many variables. The number will be slightly different for each company's situation. The numbers used are approximate. Each state is different. Most states have higher rates than North Carolina. Hence, this program will offer even higher cost avoidance benefits in most other states. We can do a blended program for multiple states. Note – If any state applicable changes its SUTA rules, the guarantee terms shall be modified.

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