Your issue is that time is money on this project. Each day, your firm could lose thousands of dollars.

With the Game Changing Business Skills SUTA Program, the sooner we start, the more money you will save.


1. Why is your price so low for this service? We want to help struggling companies, and we do not want to pay the guarantee. So, if we keep our prices so low, we will have a chance of having to refund money until we get more real-world historical data.  In the meantime, both of these factors work in your favor.

2. If we don’t use all of our prepaid courses, can we save them for the future? Yes, up to 3 years. That time can be extended if you ask in writing. No worries.

3. Will the prices go up? Yes, once we get a better history of our guarantee metrics, our prices may go up. However, your prices are currently grandfathered in when you sign the initial contract.

4. With all the states having different algorithms for their unemployment insurance and SUTA programs, how do you calculate the guarantee? This is an issue. “We do the best we can with the information each state provides us” is our best answer at this point. We are open to other ideas on this topic. This is another reason we are keeping our prices so low to avoid any situations.

5. If our employees have already started getting their unemployment payments, do we still get a guarantee? Every situation and state is different. Call to discuss the details. We are open to all reasonable ideas.

6. In addition to the Game Changing Business Skills SUTA program, can we still use other agencies and community colleges that are offering you help? Yes, Since the Game Changing Business Skills SUTA program has no-net-cost-guarantee by refunding any difference in your SUTA savings less our fee, there is no reason you cannot use multiple programs to help your displaced employees and try to further reduce your SUTA tax liability. (pardon the double negative). Use any other free offers that make sense. Our option is the best and should provide you the best results for your company and your employees, however,  use all options to help your employees and reduce your tax liability.

7. Is a non-disclosure agreement required? No – not from Customer Service Gurus, LLC’s perspective. However, we have included our standard NDA to save time if you need it. We will gladly review and sign your NDA if it is a startanrd NDA with not unusual provisions.

8. If we are downsizing, when the best time to start this program? Time is money when unemployment payments start. The optimum plan is to have our program in place when you announce your layoffs. By you employees knowing you have prepaid fo this course for them and me contacting them, it will incent a percentage of the displaced workers to take advantage of the program. If they get a job before they start receiving their unemployment payments, then you do not have any SUTA liability for that employee. This is our mutual goal. You win by not having to repay the employment payments back to SUI, your employees that get jobs fast win by making more than their unemployment, and the state wins by saving some of their Uemployment budget.

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(*) As the State Unemployment Agency will correctly tell you, their algorithm has many variables. The number will be slightly different for each company's situation. The numbers used are approximate. Each state is different. Most states have higher rates than North Carolina. Hence, this program will offer even higher cost avoidance benefits in most other states. We can do a blended program for multiple states. Note – If any state applicable changes its SUTA rules, the guarantee terms shall be modified.

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