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(Not required, but here for your convenience)

Your issue is that time is money on this project. Each day you firm could lose thousands of dollars.

The sooner we start the more money you will save.

Customer Service Gurus, LLC (DBA. Game Changing Business does not need a non-disclosure agreement, nor do we require one.

  • However, in most cases, you may downsizing companies want a non-disclosure agreement between their company and Customer Service Gurus, LLC (DBA, Game-Changing Business
  • See the link with our standard non-disclosure agreement as a convenience. Contact [email protected] or 704-408-8050
    • I will send you an NDA via DocuSign
    • You can send me your NDA
    • You can print, sign, and scan this document and I will send you an executed.
    • or i can send you a word.doc.
  • However, we will gladly sign your non-disclosure if it is only a non-disclosure agreement. Just let us know how you want to proceed.

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National Customer Service Course Accreditation

(*) As the State Unemployment Agency will correctly tell you, their algorithm has many variables. The number will be slightly different for each company's situation. The numbers used are approximate. Each state is different. Most states have higher rates than North Carolina. Hence, this program will offer even higher cost avoidance benefits in most other states. We can do a blended program for multiple states. Note – If any state applicable changes its SUTA rules, the guarantee terms shall be modified.

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