2024 Job Posting Data as of 1/5/24

“Which Jobs are Hot and Which Jobs are Not”

Review these current Jan 2024 actionable job data to give your displaced employees more clarity and confidence.

  • These advantages will enable a higher percentage of them to get a customer service job or one of these 170 jobs sooner.
  • So, if they get a job as a customer Service job or any of the 170 below jobs before their employment runs out, you win and save money.
  • Your displaced employees will get an updated set of charts every month to keep motivating them to take action.

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2024 customer service jobs data
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Technology job postings in 2024
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National Customer Service Course Accreditation

(*) As the State Unemployment Agency will correctly tell you, their algorithm has many variables. The number will be slightly different for each company's situation. The numbers used are approximate. Each state is different. Most states have higher rates than North Carolina. Hence, this program will offer even higher cost avoidance benefits in most other states. We can do a blended program for multiple states. Note – If any state applicable changes its SUTA rules, the guarantee terms shall be modified.

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